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With the new iUsers jailbreak application for the iPad, users can create multiple accounts on their computer tablet and customize each with unique home screen displays and apps.
“If your iPad is jailbroken, and you have more than one user in the house, now every user can have their very own accounts,” reports PadGadget. “Sensitive content like passwords and emails can now be kept safe, even between household members. This new tweak will allow parents to hand the iPad over to the kids without risking losing sensitive data or accessing forbidden …

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Apple’s advertising team couldn’t have asked for a better story. According to CNN, a Minnesota man’s iPhone 4 largely survived a 13,500-foot free fall from an airplane. Though the screen casing of Jarrod McKinley’s phone is significantly cracked after landing on top of a building, it still makes calls.
“That’s especially amazing since the iPhone 4 can suffer from cell reception issues,” notes John D. Sutter in his CNN article. “When the Apple smartphone debuted in 2010, a saga the tech media called Antennagate followed. Consumer watchdogs claimed a design flaw …

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According to a recent story on TechCrunch, plenty of iOS gamers are jumping aboard the pirated-application ship rather than legally purchasing their apps from the iTunes App Store.
“Apple apparently has no functional counter-piracy safeguards in place on their Game Center – essentially permitting users to play pirated software on their Game Center without any fear of reprisals or consequence,” wrote the staff at GAMEized, a mobile software developer whose FingerKicks game was recently featured on the front page of Hackulo.us’ AppTrackr, a jailbreak tool that facilitates illegal app downloading.
More than …

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In a July 11 blog post for the InformationWeek website, Kurt Marko uses the recent case of JailbreakMe to argue that it’s Apple’s responsibility to provide ample security for its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch lines, since the company doesn’t allow third-parties to develop anti-malware programs.
“What should Apple’s (or any mobile device vendor’s) strategy be toward security?” he asks. “While iOS incorporates many security techniques not seen in the more open PC environment, including a tightly controlled, curated application ecosystem, this incident clearly demonstrates that it’s still not immune to …

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Apple iPhone 5 Reportedly in the Hands of Beta Testers

The iPhone 5 reportedly won’t be released until September, but the phone has already been in beta testing at AT&T for over a week, according to a recent Device Magazine report. It’s still unclear whether the beta testers are using a final version of Apple’s fifth-generation smartphone or an unfinished model, but either way, this is promising news for those eagerly waiting for the device’s rumored late summer release date.
“The iPhone 5 is supposedly in the hands of AT&T beta testers and they were, it seems, handed the device on …

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In a recent blog post for the UK edition of ZDNet, Simon Bisson and Mary Branscombe argue why iPhone jailbreaking is “good for security.” This comes on the heels of hacker Comex’s PDF-based jailbreak of the iPad 2, the first of its kind to bypass the Apple computer tablet’s advanced security system.
“A drive-by attack like the ones this particular issue could enable is a big security vulnerability that could be used to load all kinds of malicious code onto a system. Instead it’s been thrown away on something relatively benign …

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Since the iPhone is now the most-used camera on Flickr, it only makes sense that advanced photography add-ons are available for Apple’s smartphone. As Wired’s Charlie Sorrel notes in a recent blog post, the new iPhone SLR mount would have him reaching for his wallet if he owned an iPhone.
“Pretty much the only thing stopping me from buying an iPhone to use as my next camera is the fact that I can’t shoot photos with a shallow depth-of-field, which throws the background into a distraction-free blur while keeping your subject …

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A recent blog post on the Beatweek Magazine website opines that with the expected releases of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 later this year, Apple will distance itself from the jailbreak community more than it ever has before. According to the blog, Apple won’t mind losing the business of those users who jailbreak their phones and encourage others to do so when the new devices, which will likely include improved security systems, arrive on shelves.
“What happens when a major company decides to lockout a tiny percentage of its customer …

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It’s probably safe to say that the release of JailbreakMe 3.0 is getting more attention than developer Comex could have ever hoped for. In response to last week’s release of the Mobile Safari-based exploit, the first tool to jailbreak Apple’s iPad 2, Germany’s IT agency issued a statement that warns potential users of the dangers of using such a program.
“Even clicking a PDF document or surfing to a web site with the PDF documents is sufficient to infect the mobile device with malicious software,” the website, originally in German, roughly …

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Electronics startup WiTricity has been linked to Apple’s attempts to patent new wireless charging technology, which the latter hopes will completely revolutionize the way smartphones are powered. According to Forbes, the nascent company has been approached by Apple to help in the development process of the new technology, which would presumably be implemented into the iPhone 6.
WiTricity first introduced its wireless charging technology in 2009. “In WiTricity’s demo, the company embedded metal coils in an iPhone and in a secondary device that resembled a large radio antenna. Through the coils, …

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It’s been heavily speculated that Sprint will begin supporting the iPhone later this year, but according to a CNET.com article posted Tuesday, T-Mobile might also get into the mix with Apple. The possible addition of Sprint and T-Mobile to the iPhone’s list of carriers means that all major United States wireless companies, including AT&T and Verizon, could provide coverage for the smartphone within the next year.
“While we remain uncertain regarding the next-generation iPhone’s specs and features, we believe the most noteworthy change could be the device’s ability to run on …